The first tip could not be other than researching the product. The mattresses are available in a wide range of options and prices. So it is important to determine the budget and know the options available before going to the stores. Set aside a day in your calendar and spend some time researching different options, take a look on the internet, ask questions with the team of sellers and check which model will look best in your home. In order to know more about Mattress Firm Houston, seek help online.

Do not get carried away by appearance

When choosing the mattress, it is natural that you analyze your physical characteristics and, mainly, with what type of material it is made. However, be careful not to get carried away by the beauty of the piece more than by the comfort and the quality that it has.

After all, no matter how beautiful your aesthetic appearance is, with luxurious, satin and hand stitched finishes, your particularities will almost always be covered with sheets, duvets, blankets and the like.

Do not get carried away by price

With health do not play! Remember, in a year, an average of 2,920 hours of sleep will be on your mattress, if all those nights are bad, it is more than enough time to compromise your posture and your overall health. So seek the best cost / benefit ratio for your biotype and invest in the best mattress for you, which will not necessarily be the most expensive or the cheapest.

Analyze each material when choosing the mattress

When choosing a mattress, you will find different options in the market. This is because there is a profusion of materials that are used in the production of this item and that seek to meet the preferences of different consumers, as this is a very personal choice.

The ideal mattress is one that keeps the spine straight, letting the shoulders and hip sink slightly, allowing correct weight support. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze each model to find the one that is most appropriate for your body. Check below, some different versions and their main features.

The foam mattress is certainly one of the most popular and popular. They are usually lighter and easier to handle. It has good thermal insulation, which is good in winter, but not so much in the summer as to be a good accumulator of fungi, bacteria and mites that cause diseases.

In addition, foam mattresses have various densities. Each is indicated for a particular weight range. In shortit must be in the right size for its biotype (weight / height ratio). Check the table below!

Spring mattress

The spring mattress has better ventilation than foam and latex. So it is more suitable for those who perspire a lot or live in hot regions. In addition, it can be found in two versions interlaced springs and bagged springs.

The first option, having a dense and durable foam layer, is ideal for singles because when one person moves in one corner of the mattress, the other side sways. The second, also known as pocket system is perfect for couples. This is because their springs are wrapped one by one, thus ensuring greater durability and more comfort, since it remains stable in regions where there is no pressure.

Viscoelastic Mattress

The viscoelastic model is the most technological among the 4 models, because it has hypoallergenic characteristics, sensitivity to body temperature and is able to withstand any height and weight without causing damage to the spine.

With foam developed by NASA, it has as its main characteristic resilience, the ability to return to the original format without deformations. That is, an advantageous option because it molds itself to the body, offering a more adequate support, adapting to its curves without deforming and relieving the points of pressure created when you are lying down. On the other hand, their excessive softness may require that the person make more force to change position during sleep, which can impact the quality of the rest.

Is it firm or soft mattress?

The choice of the ideal mattress should stay in the middle. A good mattress should accompany the natural curvature of the spine and support all areas of the body, providing rest. Those suffering from back pain should opt for a mattress with medium density (neither too hard nor too soft).